Three 60 Five

June 30, 2010

Day 65

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Mhmm. This may not seem like much but this pile of books rests on my bed. Strange right? Those of you that know me know that I don’t read a word of Chinese. So then, why is this stack of CHINESE books sitting on my bed? Hint: It doesn’t belong to me. In recent news, I’ve been kicked out of my OWN HOME! Fun. Hopefully I’ll reclaim what is rightfully mine in a couple of days. For now, let’s just say, I love my friends. ^.^

EXIF: ƒ4.9 1/30th ISO 800 (Note the aperture. ƒ/4.9? Why? Because I’m using a zoom. -_-” People always ask/wonder/inquire why I despise zooms. It’s exactly in cases such as these. With a larger aperture, I can: 1. have a fast shutter speed and 2. have a narrower depth of field. Sigh. I want my lens back. Along with my room.)


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