Three 60 Five

March 7, 2010

Day 5

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Lacking a bit of creativity, macro saves the day. Sort of. Macro unfortunately doesn’t save you from bad composition. Yes, I’m guilty as charged. It would’ve been nice if they caught part of the nice golden setting sun and I didn’t capture the ugly gray concrete. Now that I look at it again, I wish I could’ve dragged the shutter a bit to give it that overexposed look. Too bad it was so windy today.

Edit:Bonus! I was doing homework when I noticed the designs on the chandelier above my head. Considering how I see this chandelier just about everyday, I’m surprised I didn’t notice how awesome it looked until now. Naturally, human beings tend to see objects at eye level; we typically never look up or down, which might explain why I might have missed it all these years. This serves as a reminder to look beyond what is common and unexpected. Look up. Look down. Look left. Look right. Look back. Who knows what you might find.


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