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March 2, 2010

MY 365

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This 365 is not just to post a picture everyday. Anyone can do that. This is different. This 365 is to get me, as a photographer, to grow and expand my horizons, but also to shoot, shoot, and shoot. My shots may be from simple lighting techniques from Strobist, mimicking someone else’s 365, or try random stuff.

My Self-Imposed Rules:

1. I have to an image something to post-meaning no posting something just to post something.

2. I cannot post a picture that was not taken on that day’s post. But…

3. If I take a picture, but I did not post it for that day and that day passes, I can go back and post it for that day and that day only.

4. I’m only exempt from posting an image if there are technical issues.

5. No major PP allowed.

Now, I can’t promise I’ll post something everyday, but I’ll do my best. Enjoy!


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