Three 60 Five

April 7, 2010

Day sqrt(1225)

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So much better than yesterday but it’s not the product shot I planned. The front lens is kind of dusty too…  But I love how the light is like a gradient and it slowly ends up in darkness. With the flashlight at an angle to the paper, every little ridge of the paper shows through. One might think that paper is a flat 2-D paper, but the world is in 3-D and everything has a depth to it, even seemingly flat objects such as paper. The only thing I really did (or didn’t do for that matter), was change the white balance. Originally, the paper was white color. But by using a custom white balance, I can get the light to turn a nice cool blue color. Gotta love custom white balance.

EXIF: ƒ/2.0 1/50th ISO 400



  1. And i’m curious what shape that light created on the paper… I’m visualizing a 3D graph where a third variable could represent the intensity of the light at varying locations on the paper…
    Looks to be hyperbolic (perhaps a hyperbolic trig function?) and I’m guessing the intensity is linearly dependent on distance from the bulb.
    Is your flashlight using a parabolic mirror inside of it? It looks like it might be, but I can’t tell. LED? or normal bulb? (although I guess LEDs are normal now…) Hmmmm this is a great WCYDWT problem!

    Comment by Andrew Knauft — April 8, 2010 @ 13:20

  2. Today’s post will be just for you. Don’t you feel special?

    Comment by calvinlungphotography — April 8, 2010 @ 13:27

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