Three 60 Five

March 31, 2010

Day 28 Use whatever tools nessessary to get the job done.

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No.. This isn’t a ringlight flash. It’s actually a flashlight. Recently, Strobist talks about combining a tripod and a long exposure to bring up the ambient light instead of using flash to light everything up. I used a flashlight for this circle of light. I can bounce the light off the ceiling and I can clearly see everything in my room. No ambient light at all.  In another example of how bright this is: if I cover the flashlight with my hand, I can see the major veins that run through my hand. Flashlights can also be used as a source, for key or for fill. The light was from a Fenix PD30 and this thing is BRIGHT. I can see down a football field with this kind of power. Point is, your light doesn’t have to come from a top of the line SB-900 or 580MK2. Use whatever you have on your body instead of wishing you had an extra flash and regretting later about the picture. In fact, as a general rule, try keeping a flashlight on you. It might even save your life in an emergency situation.

EXIF: ƒ/2.0 1/50 ISO 80 (See? BRIGHT.)


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